Vegetable Oil Ghee Refinery and Pollution Sources
Crude triglyceride oils and fats from a wide range of
Solar Panels Working Benifits and Drawbacks
Solar panels work by using photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight
Petroleum Products Types and Basic Physical and Chemical Analysis
Petroleum products are derived from crude oil and are used
Wastewater Sampling for Environmental Monitoring: Types and Importance
Sampling of waste water is fundamental part for the environmental monitoring
Organic Pollutants in Ground Water & Research investigation 
Organic pollutants in underground water can come from various sources,
Electrochemical Sensor Detects 4-Nitrophenol in Water Sample
Well known organic contaminant para nitrophenol, sometimes referred to as 4-nitrophenol (4NP), is widely released into the environment and presents a number of health risks to people. A novel electrochemical sensor based on Ni@CuO/rGO/PtE has been developed for the sensitive and selective screening of 4-NP. The Ni@CuO/rGO nanocomposite's outstanding crystalline structure and average size of 47.3 nm were shown by the XRD investigation. Evaluation of the effective integration of Ni and CuO into the GO sheets was conducted using SEM and HR-TEM characterisation. The remarkable purity and % elemental composition of the produced nanocomposite were validated by the EDX analysis. Ni@CuO/rGO was uniformly deposited across the surface of bare PtE as a result of the prepared material being cast on it using the drop-casting method. Under optimal conditions,
Clean Air in Pakistan: A Grassroots Movement
In the face of escalating air pollution, citizens in Pakistan
Beneath Our Feet: Global Challenge of Soil Pollution
Soil pollution, defines as presence of chemicals or substances at
Ecology and Environmental : Concepts and Interactions
The term Environment is used to describe all the conditions
Hospital Waste Management : Segregation and Disposal Methods
Proper hospital waste management is crucial for maintaining a safe