Vegetable Oil Ghee Refinery and Pollution Sources
Crude triglyceride oils and fats from a wide range of
Petroleum Products Gasoline Diesel and Jet fuel and Analysis
Petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, have numerous
Petroleum Products Types and Basic Physical and Chemical Analysis
Petroleum products are derived from crude oil and are used
Environmental Laboratory: Power of Automatic Data Management
Introduction Environmental laboratories play a vital role in monitoring and
Wastewater Sampling for Environmental Monitoring: Types and Importance
Sampling of waste water is fundamental part for the environmental monitoring
Organic Pollutants in Ground Water & Research investigation 
Organic pollutants in underground water can come from various sources,
Analysis of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Waste Water Samples
Theory of Chemical Oxygen Demand Using a potent oxidizing agent
Industrial Expansion and Advancement in Electrochemical Sensors
The ongoing growth of contemporary industries has led to poor
Absorption of carbon dioxide from the air and storing in sea
The authors say that this novel approach captures CO2 from
Hospital Waste Management : Segregation and Disposal Methods
Proper hospital waste management is crucial for maintaining a safe